Force Femme Jayne

 It was Jayne's first time dressing up in women's clothing...or should I say it was John's first time? John has been excited to let Jayne out since the day he met Victoria, the popular steamy blonde crossdresser in the city.

John hopped on a train and made his way to Victoria. Victoria had promised to help bring Jayne out.

John had barely walked through Victoria's front door when she, in black leather and lace, forcefully planted her wet red lips on John's lips. Victoria ripped John's clothes off with one quick move of the hand. There stud John, fully naked with an erection clearly on it's way. He knew what was to come. He would be forced feminize for the first time in his life. The thought of it thrilled him beyond belief. He would finally look in the mirror and see who he's been itching to see all these years. He would meet the girl inside him. He would meet Jayne.

Victoria walked John to the bathroom and got on her knees. She plugged in the hair trimmer and proceeded to trim John's legs and pubic area. The sight of John's hairy brute legs slowly becoming soft, gentle, and beautiful, only made John's erection stronger. He was turned on not only at the sight of sensual Victoria servicing him but the fact that Jayne would be just as sexy. John had fantasized of Jayne and Victoria having a lesbian affair, perhaps this would be the night. Finger's crossed. Victoria held and moved John's hard throbbing member as she glided the clippers over the transforming skin. Jayne's legs were now in the room.

Victoria moved her way up. John's chest would get the treatment next. She made sure to get every last hair on John's hard young twenty three year old body. She proceeded to rub him down in baby oil. This would make Jayne's body extra smooth. John's skin glistened as Victoria guided him to the make up chair.

Victoria pulled out some lacy black panties and made John jump in them. John almost exploded once the lace touched his skin. The panties became wet with one drop coming from the tip of John's member. He held the rest back. He needed to keep it together until Jayne arrived. John sat on the director's chair. Victoria began dabbing foundation on him. She applied it gently. John's rock hard erection persisted pocking out of the delicate black lace.

Every time John opened his eyes he avoided looking in the mirror. He didn't want to spoil Jayne's great reveal. Instead he looked into Victoria's intense and seductive eyes. Eyes perfectly outlined in black eyeliner and smoky lids. A few moments John caught himself looking away and down at Victoria's supple breasts. John imagined how great they would feel pressed against Jayne's breasts. Would it happened tonight?

John's foundation was now complete. Jayne was on her way.

to be continued..... READ PART II click HERE

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