Going Loco for Tacos

"One of my biggest pet peeves" I told my coworker last week, "is when people use the term I CAN'T. It drives me off the wall!  People like that don't even entertain the possibility that maybe, just maybe, THEY CAN!"

"You know what else irritates me?" I asked as she smiled at me, "when people say I DON'T LIKE IT to foods they've NEVER had before." How do you know you're not going to like it unless you taste it for the first time?

This is why when it comes to junk food I will most likely give anything a try, at least once. I tried the McRib for the first, and probably last, time ever last year. This year I simply had to try Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Taco Supreme.

My first reaction was that the Doritos shell seemed to be less crispy and strong as the regular shell and the flavors inside the taco over shadowed the shell itself. The sodium level felt like it was through the roof as well.

That being said, I did eat it on a park bench, on a sunny day, and sober. I'm sure my experience would have been different if I was drunk off my ass after a night of partying.

ps - sour cream makes anything taste great!  well, almost anything.
pss - you're not a "real man" unless you try one of these tacos.  you might be a smart man if you don't try them but that's not the same ;-)

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