Friday, March 2, 2012

Transformation Process

Make Me A Woman

Amnesia Sparkles 2011
(Amnesia Sparkles)

Hi I’m Amnesia Sparkles and I’m here to help you forget your boy self and say hello to your beautiful girl self.

How does it work?  It's very simple. Here are the 3 Easy Steps you need to take.

(model: Amber)

1) Fill out the questionnaire. I will email you a short questionnaire. Skip the questions you are uncomfortable answering and/or the ones you don't know the answers to. No worries. And Remember your information is kept strictly confidential. Return the questionnaire when done.

Meet Chelsea
(model: Chelsea)

2) Let’s select your style. If you already know and have the items you want to wear send me photos so I know what kind of style speaks to you. If you don’t have items (breast forms, wigs, heels, etc) or you want to try something new then send me photos of girls on the internet that have the look you want to achieve. This is a fun stage in the process.  We get to be creative together and bounce ideas off of each other. It’s like having your own personal stylist helping you out along the way.

(model: Brooke)

You can also pick items from our Lady Closet for you to wear or we can special order items, and have them ship to our studio. Our Lady Closet is constantly growing. Here is what we currently have in stock: click HERE

(model: Alexis)

3) Book the date. That's it. Schedule a date (Saturday, Sunday, or Monday).

I'm looking forward to turning you into a  beautiful woman.

For some frequently asked questions click HERE

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