Is Stopping Female Genital Mutilation a Piece of Cake?

 Have you seen the Female Genital Mutilation Cake video (above)? It seems to be causing a lot of buzz for the wrong reasons

What do I think?

In reference to the cake itself: I think that when things are highly inappropriate, such as this cake, and are either placed under the category of "Art" OR "Comedy" they get a free pass from me. It is in art and comedy that we ought to be able to shed some light on horrific aspects of human behavior without getting crazy offended about it. That being said, to present the cake video to an audience without a link, directing folks to ways they can help the cause it was meant to be representing, would be a great disservice.,

Is the cake in poor taste? Absolutely. Should we raise out pitchforks in outrage? Absolutely...but direct your rage to the people that are conducting Female Genital Mutilation.

Here's a starting point.

What is FGM? click HERE

Where can I find organizations fighting FGM? click HERE

Now that we got that covered, who would like a slice of cake? Anyone? Anyone?

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