Force Femme Jayne: Part II

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The great reveal is almost here. John's facial features have been softened by the foundation.  His eyes are now sporting a smokey rich shadow over lush false lashes.  His plump lips are wet with a delicious lip gloss: they are also wet with desire.  The mirror await's to reflect Jayne's never before seen beauty.

Victoria pulls a brand new wig out of a box. It was ordered and selected especially for John, or I should say for Jayne. Dark brown waves with a lace front will soon complete the transformation.  It seems as if it were especially made for Jayne's facial features.  She will be soft, delicate, pretty, yet sensual and enchanting.

Wig goes on but the mirror is still forbidden to John's eyes.  Victoria pulls out a lacy tight black dress for John who at this point is more Jayne than John.  Jayne slowly slips in, one leg at a time.  She feels delicate, she feels free.  Her hair now caresses her cheeks as Victoria zips her up.  The transformation is almost complete which excites Jayne to no end.  She is still rock hard under her dress.  She is rock hard inside those lacy panties.  She needs to concentrate to soften the situation and pull it between her legs.  The more she thinks about how soon she will see her reflection in the mirror for the first time the more excited she gets.

Jayne manages to control herself long enough to slip into the black patten leather heels Victoria had whipped out while Jayne was fixing herself.  They are beautiful.  So sleek, so sensual, so tall.  A thin heel that whispers, "I'm in charge." This was it, once her feet slip into them Jayne will be here.  John's center of gravity will change and Jayne will appear.

The right foot slowly penetrates the shoe.  It finds it so deliciously tight yet comfortable.  How did her feet ever do without.  Shivers shoot up Jaynes legs, from her ankle, up her soft thighs, between her legs, hips, around her cinched waist, caressing her breast, migrating through her shoulder blades, and tingling her neck, delivering kisses of ecstasy.  Her left foot follows and Jayne gets weak in the knees.  She's in heaven.  How can this get any better?

to be continued.....


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