A Gentlemen's Sunday

I started my Sunday by meeting up with my good friend the Doctor in Grand Central.


 The station was buzzing with folks coming and going. It was unseasonably hot. Perhaps they hadn't turned on the AC yet. I followed the good Doctor out as we chatted about how the weekend was treating us. Suddenly he changed the subject and my five o'clock shadow became the topic of conversation. I hadn't picked up on why he wanted me to keep my face scruffy for our friendly hangout date.


 As we turned the corner Doc opens a door to an establishment and gestures for me to step in. I look up at the sign outside, The Art of Shaving.


 I think nothing of it as I walk in since the good doctor loves the finer things in life. I figured he wanted to get a few items. I figured wrong. We have an appointment for Adrian, shave and haircut, said the Doc to the store rep. I was like "WHAAAAAAAT?"

 That was unexpected. Doc mentioned he was horrified when I told him that I cut my own hair.

 As part of my birthday gift he decided I needed a proper cut AND my first time receiving a wet/close razor shave. I was a bit uprihensive at first to have another man with a very sharp razor touch my face but I was already there so I figured why not roll with the punches.

 Turns out I got lucky.  Working that day was one of the best Master Barbers in New York City. Boris has over 40 years of experience and when we made small talk I found out he's shaved Bruce Willis among other celebrities! He mentioned it in a casual way as if saying "it just comes with the job."


 Boris gave me the royal treatment: hair trim, pre shaving oil, warm towel, warm and creamy shaving cream (felt like heaven!!!), a nice soothing mask, and a great moisturizer. I felt like a king! Boris is a pro!

After, the good doctor and I decided to walk down from Madison and 46th street to where the Highline starts on 31st. The Empire State Building was looking extra awesome.


 We walked the Highline to the end and then took our swagger to the streets of the meat packing district.


 We also had brunch at Smorgas and refreshments at Redwood Kitchenette and Bar. It was quit the delightful gentlemen's Sunday indeed.

 Ladies, if you want to do something special for your man, treat him to a wet shave!
 Guys, if your buddy's birthday is coming up, treat him to a sweet wet shave.

 A guy has to feel like a king from time to time.  A gentleman's Sunday is just the ticket.

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