Wall Climbing

Wall climbing, rock climbing, have you ever done it?

Often thought of as a man's sport late last year Citi released an advert where a girl is the rock climbing protagonist (above).  The commercial plays on the idea that girls like shopping for shoes and accessories only to reveal that what she is really getting ready for is to climb a badass rock.  She climbs it like a boss!

I've been wanting to go wall climbing for years now but I can never find the right time.  Recently I became friends with a young lad named Tommy who is a wall climbing rockstar.  I asked tommy which climbing shoes he would recommend.  Here's what he said.

What brand of climbing shoes would you recommend?

Anything from these guys is excellent, but give other companies a go too:

Do you have any tips on selecting climbing shoes?

1. Climbing shoes are entirely subjective; what works for me might not work for you.

2. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Pop them on, wander around a bit, stand on the skirting board. Also, try in the afternoon as your feet expand a bit when stuck in shoes all day. However, once your sure you've got the right pair, its often cheaper to buy online.

3. Fit is key. If they don't fit well you wont climb well. They need to be snug but not too uncomfortable. They cannot be lose. Don't wear socks with them.

4. Make sure that they aren't to aggressive (downturned). Those shoes are for steep, hard routes. Try to get a shoe with a fairly stiff mid sole and soft toe. This will give you support on small holds but allow you to feel what it is like.

Thats more or less everything you need to know about climbing shoes.
Have fun!

Thanks Tommy for the tips.

Happy wall climbing everyone! Check out some kick ass girls climbing in the below video


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