Why Gender Fun?

 Do you think GenderFun.com is relevant today? 

Absolutely. The main goal I have for GF is to have fun with gender issues. 

 The serious component regarding my intention to run GF is to bring conscious awareness to the fact that all societies must overcome the fear and/or hate of femininity that is causing cultures to mistreat a large number of the human population. It's this fear, hate, and/or complete disrespect for femininity that in part causes such horrible human behavior; behavior such as: 

Women kidnapped and forced into prostitution 
Women forced to have genital mutilation 
Women raped 
Men and Transgender individuals killed for exhibiting feminine traits 

Shining a light on gender itself makes the observer not only see the differences but the similarities between all human kind. Being gender conscious helps the individual navigate through life with the notion that even though there are aspects of people that are different we all share a common experience; the human experience.


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