Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photo Submission, Legs For Days!

Today's viewer submission comes for the very fun and sexy Christina Lee.

  ChristinaLee_BeverlyHills4 ChristinaLee_BeverlyHills3 ChristinaLee_BeverlyHills2 

 Christina writes:

 "I took these a few weekends ago when I was out with my girls at TGirl Saturdays at Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach, CA. I am wearing a new romper with my new Wolford pantyhose! I love how they feel! Soooo good! Thanks doll!!!"

  christina_Beverly Hills 

 Christina, you and I are friends on Facebook so you probably already know that I think you are the best. But have I told you recently that you have some fantastic LEGS!!! 


 Stay fun and sexy, baby! Thank you so much for submitting your pics.

Big hugs

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