Welcome to the Club


So you woke up one morning and you came to the realization that "hey, I'm a dude who enjoys wearing women's clothing."
Ok, now what?
First of all congratulate yourself for admiting to yourself what you may have been surpressing for ages.
That being said, you're probably not going to get an award for realizing what you want in life.
But, what is it that you want?

Chances are that if you are a dude that likes to wear women's clothing you also would like for someone to tell you that you look pretty as a girl, that you are sexy.
You want to be desireable.
You want to feel wanted.
You want to feel accepted.
You want to be at peace.
You want the world to be at peace with your crossdressing.
You may feel lonely.
You may feel like nonone understands you.
How could they if they don't know about "your secret?"
Other's couldn't possibly see the world the same as you since they don't know what crossdressing feels like.

To that I have two things to say. (get ready for some tough love)
1) Get over yourself!
2) Go back to enjoying life!

Easier said than done, I know I know.

Here is a reply I sent to one of our readers this week which may be a little bit more compassionate.

Hello J and welcome to the club.

First let me congratulate you for coming out to me. That takes courage.
I take it you've not told many people of your crossressing?

BTW It's not something everyone needs to know unless you want it that way like me and Amnesia have it.  I simply find it easier for ME to be open about what I do.
Notice I said "what I do" and not "who I am."

That being said, not everyone has the same life circumstances and it might be best if you stay partially in the closet.  That's ok too. You don't need to broadcast yourself crossdressing on the Internet  to have a happy life.

The most important thing I could say to you at this time is, enjoy your journey. It's a journey of discovery.
The answers will come to you in time. In time you will become more comfortable being yourself around others.

The most important thing I could say is never stop having fun! Keep things light.
Crossdressing should NOT be a big deal.
So you like wearing women's clothes, so what who cares?!!!
It's not like you're hurting others. And if you're straight, bi, gay, trans whatever! WHO CARES!
Just live your life, have fun, put on those heels and strut honey!

I would suggest you read some of the viewer mail we have gotten on www.GenderFun.com they might give you a better perspective on the matter.

Here's the link. or you can click the "emails" tag on the left sidebar.

I also recommend you read "My Husband Betty." It's an Informative book.

Thanks for writing in. See you on GenderFun.com



PS - What friendly advices would you give J regarding crossdressing?  Leave it in the comments below.


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