Crossdressing Evolution

Earlier this year I helped transformed a lovely soul who went by the name of Amber. She was a doll, and she did a fantastic job with our photo shoot.

Recently I received an update from Amber. She is doing well and she informed me that she will be seeking adventures in the future. This kind of courage thrills me to no end.

I strongly believe that crossdressing can be a form of spiritual awakening. A crossdresser who allows himself to dress, first in private and then in public opens his spirit and soul to rich and fulfilling life experience.

I wanted to share with you the words I replied to Amber.

Dear Amber, First let me say sorry that it's taking me this long to reply. I simply don't like to half-ass a reply. I wanted to sit down and give it my full attention. Now is the time.

I'm really really happy that you've sent me this update. I love hearing about Amber's personal evolution, because as you know it is your own personal spiritual evolution as well. Where there is evolution there is growth.

I would love to hear where you would like to take Amber. Maybe a cafe, a park, shopping, a museum, or a night club, a bar, etc. Experiencing the world as Amber feels different doesn't it and in a way it expands your mind and heart.

Maybe for our next shoot I could be Amber's paparazzi and snap pics as she experiences the city. Less of a glam shoot and more of a natural documentary type shoot where I follow Amber around. OR, you could always do a racy glam lingerie shoot. The sky is the limit. Whatever you heart desires.

Keep me updated on Amber's adventures and progress. Take good care of her and she will do the same in return.

Big big hugs to ya sista/brotha

I truly believe that if you take care of your alter-ego she will take care of you. Neglecting or denying that part of you can cause you great spiritual and emotional distress.
It can be a long road to full self acceptance so no better day than today to start. Look into the mirror and tell that girl-self behind your eyes, "I will set you free , just tell me what color heels I should buy for you."

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