Your Gay God Eats Chick-fil-A

I have been staying away from the Chick-fil-A controversy as if it were the plague. It seems everybody and their grandmothers are jumping on the bandwagon. Let me attempt to bring some peace to the matter.

There is this popular misconception that you are either one way or the other, but you can not be both. If you are gay you cannot possibly be spiritual at the same time. If you are a family man you cannot possibly enjoy dressing up as a woman.

There is this misconception that any religion is one size fits all. No religion is law. Religion is simply a guide used to reach a spiritual peaceful state of mind.

To use religion to discriminate against others is not only a great disservice to others it is most importantly harm you do to your own spirit, for we are all one, we are all Gods children.

Several times a week, before I start my day, I kneel down at my prayer station and for 20 minutes I try to connect to my life source. You can call it God, the Universe, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, but to me it is simply the stillness within.

Every night before I close my eyes to sleep I write down and give thanks to all the lessons and blessings I was fortunate to have experience that day. I acknowledge that life, all life is a gift.

In the popular book Lord of the Flies a group of children stranded in a deserted island turn against one another. As they chase one of their own with spears in hand screaming violently they find themselves at the edge of the water of that tropical beach. There stands a single soldier, with a perplexed look on his face. The children freeze. On one hand they know that they are being rescued. On the other hand they feel they could be in trouble for trying to kill each other. The soldier speaks only one sentence, "What are you guys doing?"

To the supporters of Chick-fil-A fighting against supporters of same-sex marriage I ask, what are you guys doing?

To the supporters of same-sex marriage who are fighting against those who support Chick-fil-A I ask, what are you guys doing?


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