Charging For Sex, The Oldest Profession

This past Friday a hooker named Amy offered to give me oral pleasure. This happened AFTER I told her I was gay. 

You can't blame a working girl for trying to make a buck.

As many of you know I crossdress, so I should mention that this particular night I was in my guy mode.

I was just a regular guy on the streets of New York during a full moon on a Friday night when Amy the prostitute approached me.

I am about to reach the corner of 33rd and 3rd when I hear a voice saying "Hey."  I turn to my left, as I'm walking, to find a very scantily dressed black woman approaching me.  She smiles as she nears me.   I can't help but smile right back as I have a feeling of what is to come.

She introduces herself and compliments my outfit.  I do a quick scan from head to toe and decide to cut to the chase.

"Thanks, I'm gay," I reply locking eyes with her while smiling.

She smiles back but I can feel her disappointment.  She knows she isn't going to get a cent from me.  Another potential costumer gone.

"I can suck you're D!&%" she replies without missing a beat while radiating a smile at me.

You had to give this girl an "A" for effort.

I take one more glance at her black faux patent leather peep toe 4-5 inch heels and lock eyes with her again.

"No thanks, but I love the shoes" I say with a genuine smile.

We both take a few steps away from each other while still holding our gazes and smiles.

"Are you sure?" she asks.  I know she meant if I was sure that I wouldn't be accepting her services.

"I'm sure," I say  " I love the shoes" I give her a cheeky look.  I follow with "You look great, have a great night." We both turn around and go our separate ways.

This was the first time I was ever approached by a female hooker on the street in the ten years I've been living in New York.  I've made it no secret the fact that one of my ex-boyfriends became a sex worker after he broke up with me.  And it's no secret that I dressed up as Amnesia (above) and escorted a friend of a friend to his bachelor party.  Amnesia did it as a favor though, and not for money.  It was all innocent fun....

Amnesia Sparkles and Trina Rose

Going back to Friday night's encounter.  I started thinking of Amy the prostitute.  I tried putting myself in her shoes, her heels.  I realize that Amy must have thought, as she spotted me walking down the street, that I must be:

a) Straight 
b) Willing to pay for sex

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

That aside, the questions that I was left with were, if I were a hooker, how much could I get away with charging my clients?  How much would my clients be willing to pay?  What services would I provide?  I can't say that I have the answers to those questions yet, but they are fun questions to ponder.  

So why not ask you reader,  how much would you charge if you were a sex worker?  


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