I'm Straight, I Crossdress, and I just told my Girlfriend

Coming out of the closet is one of the hardest things, emotionally, that a person can do. It takes a great deal of courage. Today's viewer mail comes from a very brave young man named Ben.

Thank you Ben for being a wonderful inspiration.  Your email has touched me so deep, words cannot express.  Thank you.  You have a bright future ahead of you!  HUGE HUGS!

Here are his words.

Hello Adrian,

I've been dressing up since I was about 14 (I'm 20 now), and it was something that never seemed strange to me. I always kept it to myself and never even thought of telling anyone else; it's kind of been my perfect little secret. And it wasn't really out of fear that I never told anyone, I just never thought about it. When I went off to college and lived by myself is when I got more into it, which was a couple years ago. Even still, it never crossed my mind that I might share it with anyone. Then one day I found your blog and got to reading, and that got me thinking: what if I did share it? After that, I wanted to go out and have fun with it, but then I was afraid of how much it could complicate things. From there, excitement just built up because it was so risky. But still, it was my secret and nobody suspected a thing.

Fast forward one year to the present. I've built up a collection of high heels and various bits of women's clothing that I bought somewhat sporadically over time. I have also been dating my girlfriend for just over seven months. She had no idea at all that I liked to crossdress. I had wanted to tell her for a long time, I just never found the courage. The other day, we were talking about some related topics and it just kind of came out. Of course there was that awkward pause afterwards and she had to make sure I was serious, but then the best thing imaginable happened, she was okay with it. We talked about it some more and I showed her my heels and she was okay with it. This is the most free I've felt since who knows when. She even said she'd be fine with taking a trip and going out with me all dressed up.

I'm telling you about this because your blog is what showed me the door. And this whole thing just goes to show, you really can trust the people who care about you. Even when I began to think about sharing my secret, I would have never thought it would have gone over so smoothly. These past few weeks have been a dream come true. Now the only thing I'm wondering is why I hid it for so long. So thank you for all you do.



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