Masculine and Feminine Scale

I've been crossdressing for over 15 years.  I get comments from people saying how they like my femme self, Amnesia Sparkles.

I enjoy exploring masculinity as well as femininity.

I'm never really certain how people in real life outside the internet perceive me to be.  Where do they rank me in the Masc-Femme Scale (when I'm not dressed as Amnesia Sparkles). To be honest I'm not sure that I care how Masc-Femme I'm ranked by others. That's why I have no shame in going out of the house dressed as a woman or in this case snapping a pic in my new jockstrap.

I have to say, wearing a jockstrap is a new experience for me which I don't really see as being masculine.  It's more GAY than anything else.  I mean, outside actual athletes and go-go dancers what masculine straight guy wears a jockstrap?  Seems more of a gay fetish.

I think it's important to feel free to explore all points on the Masc-Femme scale, so I got a jockstrap...and I'm scratching my balls as I type this.  Masculine enough for ya?

Where would you say you rank yourself on the Masc-Femme scale? 50%-50%, 40%-60%, 30%-70% etc...

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