No Room for Guilt and Shame


Yesterday I posted an inspirational email we received from a young crossdresser who found the courage to come out of the closet to his girlfriend.

Today I share with you the words I replied to him. Words that I can believe can apply to anyone who struggles with being themselves in a world fixed on trying to change who you are and how you should feel.

Here is what I told Ben


I am beyond thrilled to hear your good news!!!

You know how everyone likes receiving gifts during the holidays BUT how it feels a million times better when you give someone a gift they love? Just to see them beam with happiness. that is what is happening here my friend. This whole thing is feeling me with joy.

I congratulate you for your courage to tell your girlfriend! That is a huge HUGE step. Honesty is the building block of any relationship.

Crossdressing can be used as a tool to help men and women communicate better. Every relationship has its ups and downs, in the moments when she turns to you and in her frustration tells you that you don't understand her until you walk in her "shoes" you are soooooo much closer to understanding her than any other non crossdressing boyfriend ;-)

There are two emotions typical with crossdressing that you CAN NOT, and SHOULD NOT ALLOW to affect your relationship. One is "shame." - feeling bad about wanting to be the person you feel you should be.

The other emotion you should never make room for is "guilt." Other people will make you feel like you could be doing better things with your life than crossdressing. THAT is always such BS because you can say the same to a guy that enjoys playing sports, drawing, bowling, etc.

Always keep that in mind Ben.

Most importantly keep your head high and remember that only YOU decide how you feel about YOUR life.

Thanks again for sending me such an inspirational email. I can't wait to share it on my site, if that's ok with you.

Have a wonderful weekend!


ps - There are so many hours in a day and you simply don't have time to entertain feelings of  SHAME or GUILT.  They are waisted emotions.

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