Playboy, Play Girl

I finally got around to watching "Mansome" a very thoughtful documentary that examines what defines masculitinty in our modern culture of male grooming poducts and suave celebrities.

I watched this film after working out, taking a photo of myself in the mirror, and posting it on Instagram for others to bask in my handsome masculine good looks.


You probably feel as if you have seen that look on my face before somewhere else. Chances are you've probably seen a cheap imitation of it from a far less talented and less handsome guy. A guy who stole my look back in 2001 and had the nerve to name it "Blue Steel."

Masculinity is a hell of a thing. To think that around this time last year I looked like this.

Amnesia Sparkles 2011

Men playing dress-up in heels are not real men...are they?
I mean, after all, for millennia we've subscribed to the notion that real men don't play "girl" they play "war."


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