2012 Year in Review


In a blink of an eye, the year has passed us by.  We had our ups and downs.  Join me on a look back at how 2012 treated me, and how it's left me wondering what the hell am I doing with my life.

I started the year by doing some camera work for my friend Adam Rio's music video and snapping the photo for the CD cover. I'm proud of Rio for finally putting his music out in the public domain. It takes a lot of courage to bare your soul/music for all the world to judge.

Screen shot 2012-04-18 at 11.30.41 PM

I also put together a college admission video for my friend Paul.  I admire Paul's go-getter attitude. No doubt he'll go far in life.

I was thrilled to give Alexis her first transformation, and I had a blast transforming Amber.  Two very sexy models for my site TransFormPhotos.com.


I also satisfied my photography appetite by taking headshots of chef Tony Marco  and filming a cupcake video for food enthusiast Bjorn Delacruz.


I was honored to have Gabriela Badilla's work, work inspired by my 2007 Transformation video, be selected for the XVIII Biennial of Baja California. Gabriela's work inspires me!


This year Gender Fun released the very fun third episode of my Internet reality show Getting Amnesia: in which in it we show sexy behind the scene footage of a workout video I was part of with the very talented Matthew Camp, DJ YS, and personal trainer Bill Lagaret.


We here, at Gender Fun, received many touching emails and sexy photo submissions from our fabulous Gender Fun readers. I am beyond thankful for everyone's contribution this year!  We keep growing every year!!!  THANK YOU FOR MAKING GENDER FUN PART OF YOUR EVERY DAY! 

Federica From Germany

On a personal note I experience some fun FIRSTS this year. Most of these experience were thanks to the great people in my life:

Montauk road trip
US OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!
Attended the Ballet at Lincoln Center - Romeo and Juliet
Got my first Wet Shave
Ate grasshopper tacos
Skeet shooting
Jogged across Manhattan, Williamsburg bridge, and Pulaski bridge
Got my first jockstrap!

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And my best friend and I took a trip to Chicago. I had a blast during my first time in that wonderful city. I got to see a friend from my adolescence and danced the night away with fabulous peeps.


2012 I quit smoking and started a year long booze detox! The goal: no booze for 365 days.  In December I will passed the 250 day sober.

Before and After

I got off my ass and got back in shape.

I got a 20 year old crown replaced, had a root canal, 4 filings, and started wearing Invisalign. By this time next year I'll have a new smile :-)


I had to start wearing prescription glasses. What can I say ladies, I'm starting to get old.


Ahhh yes, I also spent a great deal of my Summer sunbathing on the roof. Such Good Times!


I joined Instagram and started snapping pics, mostly as I jogged around town working up a sweat.


My lovely younger sister from Florida visited me in New York.  We hit a couple of nice places such as The Highline, Griffin Bar, The Planetarium, Museum of natural history, Macy's, El Almacen, and the Brooklyn botanical garden.


Together we found her the right pair of fun party high heels.  Shoe shopping with sis, priceless.


Also, my mother came back to New York to visit me for the first time in five years.  I took her to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, a first for both of us.  It was lovely.


Another fun time this year was when I took one of my roommate's to the hospital because he came down with a case of appendicitis, and that night A HOOKER NAMED AMY told me she could give me a blow job.  She proposed this AFTER I told her I was gay. lol

Over the summer I joined the gay app GRINDR and started getting highly amusing sexual messages from strangers.

Grindr Lesson #1

I took a lovely sailboat ride to Statue of Liberty with my ex-boyfriend. He will always have a place in my heart.


I started dating again after not having done so in over 4 years!  It was certainly a learning experience.

Of course the year had its little dramatic moments.  I helped a friend move after he got evicted. Comforted another friend after his breakup, his two job losses and then he getting sued by one of those employers. I did my best to support another friend who was going through a rough patch in his long-term relationship with his boyfriend.   

As for my personal "drama" I had to change the dynamic of my relationship with a good friend with benefits.  I had to put some distance between he and I.  It was hard but necessary for both of us to grow as individuals. 

I also saw and communicated with a ghost which turned out to be a relative of one of my friends, AND me and my witchy friends cast a spell on the beach at night.

We, here in NY, got hit with Hurricane Sandy which left me and over 600 of my coworkers displaced for a month since our office buildings downtown got flooded.  Things are slowly going back to normal.

Also, sadly one of my favorite roommates of all time moved out :-(  But I did gain a nice new roommate.

2012 marked 9 years I've been at my day job, and 10 year living in New York City.

I'm grateful to have spent a moment or two with very special people this year.

  Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

It's people I find dear to my heart that make life a hell of a lot sweeter.

So what does the future hold?

Who knows...

One thing is certain, I will continue to grow my shoe collection :-)

My Shoe Collection

HERE'S TO 2013!!!


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