Amnesia: Don't Forget Your Legacy


You're born, you're on Earth for whatever stretch of time and then you leave this physical world. For lack of a better term, you die.

In that relatively short stretch of time you spend on this plane you do so in numerous states of mind, doing numerous things, with various people.

What you will be remembered for, for most people, is dependent on the role you play in people's lives. For example a president in many cases is also a son, a father, a husband, a brother, a friend, an enemy etc. If you are an inventor or a scientist you might be remembered by your achievements, your discoveries, those things that help improve (hopefully) the lives of others.

I receive many emails from Crossdressers all over the world who are too afraid to do what they really love, Crossdresser, for fear that Crossdressing will bring great shame to their family and friends and it will tarnish their own legacy. Imagine that, the innocent act of wearing the opposite gender's clothes tarnishing an entire life's work or family reputation. Seems crazy doesn't it? Yet, for many many closeted Crossdresser this fear is palpable.

Thus the Crossdresser hides. Yet he yearns to be seen; after all, he put a great deal of thought and effort in dressing up. He struggles internally isolated from the "world." He yearns to bring a narrative to the life of his femme self. He yearns to take her out for a spin.

Often when I meet strangers I see a look of surprise and wonder as I tell them about my alter-ego Amnesia Sparkles and about my site They usually meet me as my man self and not as Amnesia thus they hadn't imagine there being a whole different and far more colorful narrative of my life. They want to know of Amnesia's experiences, sexual and otherwise. They want to know of her adventures. They want to know of her achievements and of the folks she's met along the way.

Amnesia has always said "My name's Amnesia, don't forget it!" She usually snaps her fingers with some sass when she's says that.

I believe there is a little Amnesia in everyone. Amnesia is that little part inside us all that wants to have a great time while we are on this Earth and still make our mark in the hearts of others. I think having the courage to let THAT aspect of yourself come out of the closet is the best legacy you can leave behind. The courage to live a happy honest life is the best legacy...

...well I guess finding the cure for cancer might be a better legacy...but I've never looked good in scrubs ;-)

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