Every Woman Needs A Pair of High Heels

I met a girl in my travels that was very adverse to wearing heels. After speaking to her AND her boyfriend, I learned that she doesn't really play the roll of sexy kitten often...more like EVER! This, I got the feeling from her boyfriend, didn't make him very happy.

When I brought up the idea that EVERY woman should have a naughty drawer, that is a drawer not only with items for sexual pleasure such as handcuffs, butt beads, vibrators, etc, she should also own AT LEAST one pair of 4 inch heels in the closet.

"They hurt my feet" she explained to me, in reference to wearing heels. I told her she didn't have to actually WALK in the heels, she simply had to put them on and pose provotatily in bed for her man. This idea of course excited her man!

She explained that she's a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and doesn't even own a pair of stilettos. Speaking to her boyfriend that night I got the impression he's been waiting years for the moment his tomboy-ish girlfriend became a whore in the bedroom for ONCE.

I know that for some folks anal play and toys etc might be a bit too much, but I have only ever met two girls in my lifetime that didn't own a pair of high heels and neither of them were nuns or paraplegic.  This is simply unacceptable.

Ladies I'm not saying you need to turn tricks on the corner, but for the sake of your relationship and the happiness of your partner PLEASE BUY A PAIR OF HIGH HEELS!  You'll thank me later.

*photos: Claudia Schiffer by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Germany

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