Smell Like a Man

Do you want to smell like a man?  Look no further.  Science has made it possible to bottle up "man smell" and have it available for the masses to consume. HA!  Marketing.

This past weekend I found myself being viciously attacked by fragrance sales clerks in a department store.   They came charging at me from all directions as I was innocently smelling a few samples on the counter.  I felt sorry for them really.  I'm a very difficult customer when it comes to buying fragrances.  You will simply waste your time trying to sell me on the exoticness of the fragrance or how the elite wear it etc etc.  Nope sorry, you can't convince my nose to like a scent.  I don't choose the scent, the scent chooses me. Not even Clive Owen can make me want to try a scent for men named MAN!  Even though I do get lost in Clive's eyes he doesn't have that much power over me. Although, Just look at that honky honk of a man!

The poor sales rep must have given me close to 10 fragrances to try in a span of 2 mins.  None I liked.  Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Lacoste, they all seem so...well, over the counter.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, they simply didn't speak to me.

To give you an idea as to what my nose likes, lets see, in the past couple of years I've purchased Castile from Penhaligon's, L'Eau de L'Eau from Diptyque, and BURBERRY BRIT from Burberry. All three very different scents.  All three I love to this day.  If you ever don't know what to buy me as a gift you can't go wrong with any of these three.

This time around I also wanted something different. Something with a little more edge but not too far from my usual soft gentleman scents.

For a second I considered getting one of Marc Jacob's fragrances because it was totally the opposite of what I normally buy. Jacob's fragrance Marc Jacobs MEN smells like what a man whore would smell like after raunchy sex. It amused me but I don't think I want to actually walk around smelling like a cheap whore, even if some people may believe I am one based on my Grindr posts.

So I walked out without purchasing anything.  However the sales rep gave me a sample of MAN by Bvlgari since that was the closest one to matching my taste that day.

A few days went by and I sprayed the sample on my wrists. And as much as I am adverse to owning a fragrance named MAN, I have to say the soft yet masculine scent is turning me on.  So with a few clicks MAN became mine.

You win this time Clive Owen.

Technical notes about MAN by Bvlgari

Olfactive notes: A “white” woody oriental fragrance. 

Top Notes: Calabrian Bergamot, Violet leaves, Lotus flower and “White” Pear. 

Middle Notes: White wood, Vegetal amber, Sandalwood , Cashmere wood, Vetiver and Cypriol. 

Base: Resin of Benzoin, Oliban Tonka bean, White honey and Musk


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