The Story of a Crossdressing Rockstar II

Here is part two of this very fascinating crossdressing story submitted by one our fantastic readers.


'My Journey as a Bi-Sexual/ Cross Dresser/ Drag Queen/ Bitch Ass Diva'


I started up totally fresh back in Charleston making a living telling ghost stories, working the check out counter at an old time grocery store, guiding tourists through a Revolutionary War museum, and driving a bike taxi. An epic contrast from life on the road going from party to party and rave to rave across the country, it was a total new vibe to live in one place, pay utility bills, design a day to day life, and reside in the mundane reality so distant from the psychedelic world of sounds lights and screaming fans I had acclimated to. It was months before I felt like going out again though but at last I gained enough energy and confidence to put myself out there again. My first sexual encounter after the break up was with a girl I thought was a lesbian who hung out with a lesbian clique. She was much bigger than me and had not much of a traditionally female energy to her. When he had stopped hanging out, I ventured back out to Pantheon, primping my body and clothes for the sexy guy look. I met a few girlfriends out there and danced all night, and was introduced to a guy who had been eyeing me all night. We exchanged numbers but I never heard from him. The next encounter was with a girl who had just gotten out of a lesbian relationship and I remember her showing me the dildo they used. WOW! Not joking around with that thing. Double sided 12" black one. We had lots of fun playing together and I told her all about how I dress up and pretend to be a girl and she seemed to be really into it. However I was turned off by her frequent cocaine use so that fizzled away.

Back on my feet once again at the onset of 2012 and fully immersed in the Charleston social scene, I turned my focus to my music and made major goals about releasing new albums and getting both my projects booked on the circuit again. By last June I had a really well received new release out on an international label and had landed a monthly future music series to curate on a psychedelic electronic music website. I began to receive loads of bookings locally and in many southeastern festivals- so along with these came my desire to bring back the character friends and fans know as 'Esmerelda'. The most wonderful experience thus far was at a Burning Man spirited festival called 'Alchemy' held at Cherokee Farms, GA at which I transformed into Esmerelda Friday and Saturday nights and simply had the time of my life! In the weeks before I linked up with a local drag pro and make up artist to get polished up and prepared and felt so beautiful and full-on as a result. Friday night's gold sequined dress and shiny blonde wig had people egging me on like a sassy prom queen : D Best of all I was able to celebrate the most epic unfolding of my female self surrounded with my closest friends and also some new one who were all totally sweet and encouraging. When I got back to Charleston I decided to mark this magical spiritual experience by getting a dazzling silver jewel belly button piercing as a gift to Esmerelda.

Currently, I am residing in a happy little apartment downtown and have been working with the local veteran drag and make up artist who hooked me up before Alchemy- who is now mentoring me and lining up a debut appearance at Pantheon for Esmerelda! Additionally I've been nominated in five categories for the Charleston art paper's annual music awards and everything seems to be coming together just perfectly. I have a great network of friends here who have interacted with both myself and Esmerelda- and cherish us both and grant me every bit of personal and creative freedom I desire. My mentor has already set up a night for us to get dolled up and to introduce me to the other drag girls at Pantheon including the show director Brooke Collins. I'm really excited and nervous and so many things but I know Esmerelda will be a great hit and I can't wait for make some new friends for us both and do my thing on stage : D

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