5 Tips Before Transitioning

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(photo by cdc)

Ava Heines is our new friend on the GenderFun Facebook page. Have you LIKED us yet? DO SO NOW, click HERE!

I asked AVA, who is a male-female trans beauty, to give my GenderFun 5 tips they ought to know before transitioning. I was so delighted with her answers that I asked if I could share with you. She said yes, so here they are.

5 Tips Before Transitioning

1) Accentuate traits about your natural body that you like, ie, legs, eyes and so on. *and when you dress, dress to emphasis those trairs

2) Don't jump too quick on any plastic surgery. Better to be patient and know what you're getting yourself into beforehand than jumping in and having regrets down the line

3) ALWAYS be sure you have an amazing support system. If your friends don't support you, they were never your true friends. And that'd be their loss.

4) Don't ever be careless, always be cautious. In social settings, you have to act natural and not obvious. You never know what a stranger is capable of. Look up Gwen Araujo for that one

5) At the end of the day, remember that you are still human, and that if you can't love ans respect yourself, don't expect anyone else to

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