Do people not take you seriously?

Do people not take you seriously?
Do you find yourself saying the words "I'm being serious," often?
Perhaps you are suffering from the "gold to dust syndrome."

I've been a creative person all my life. I won my first drawing contest in second grade. My drawing hung in the principals office as a winning prize. When you are in a creative zone nothing else exists. It is like you go into a cave by yourself. As you complete the creative process you slowly walk out of this cave and into the light of day.

Often times you feel that your creation is GOLD, only to find it turned to dust under the rays of the sun. A great deal of disappointment comes over you. You find yourself discouraged from going into the creative cave once more. What's the point you ask yourself, my gold will only turn to dust as soon as I reach the outside world.

Obviously this is a metaphor. It is a metaphor to describe what some people are going through. Perhaps you are going through a gold to dust moment. Perhaps somebody in your life is not taking you seriously. You feel that they are not respecting you. On your own you feel like gold, but as soon as you are in their presence you turn into dust. You start thinking to yourself what's the point of trying new things in my life if others are only going to make fun of me, and belittled me. Why won't they let me be myself?

I say let them comment on your life. Play along with them. And when the laughing stops, you tell them "Are you done, because I have to go cash my gold."

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

You might be thinking, "but Adrian, I'm not a creative person." To which I shouldn't have to remind you that YOU are a co-creater of your own life. Every decision you make is shaping your life. Make the best decisions you can, even if other's may feel like you are wasting your time. Their opinion is not required in your journey. Reach for the gold!

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