I'm currently Struggling, Am I Bisexual?

(Adrian Acosta & Amnesia Sparkles)

Today's viewer mail comes from a very young lad who has many questions regarding his desire to crossdress.

Here writes:

hi!!!! i am a 24 year old guy. I would consider my self a pretty feminine guy i love makeup and going shopping and everything. recently i have been thinking about crossdressing but the place where i live doesnt take to that kinda stuff well at all. im currently also in the struggle of if im bisexual or not. i love women but i absolutely adore pretty guys in makeup. i dont know what to do about anything. any advice on how to find people for support on crossdressing? also im a very slender guy but i do have promenent guy features and if i crossdress i want to look good. any tips on how to hide my manly features?

Hi Shane,

congrats on acknowledging that you would like to crossdress. Some guys deny their feelings for decades.

I would suggest you start by skimming through some of the emails I've received from guys that have gone through what you are going through

Here's the link

This is a good one to start with

You can find many crossdressers that comment on my Flicker photos

Many of them post pictures of themselves as well. You can always strike up a conversation with many of them. I find it that we crossdressers are a friendly bunch. We keep an eye out for one another. It's a brotherhood/sisterhood.

I think this is a good starting point for you.

The crossdressing journey doesn't have to be filled with stress. It's a learning journey. You'll learn things as you go along. There is no need to put yourself in a "box" right away. AND most importantly don't worry what others may think of you or what "box" they put you in. This is YOUR journey.

Keep us at Gender Fun update on your progress.

Sending you much love.

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