NEW Boy to Girl Transformation

Meet Chelsea, our newest T-Girl model. This is Chelsea's first Boy-to-Girl transformation and photo shoot with us.

In this video you will see her taking a break from posing for photos and simply enjoying being her femme self.

Amnesia Sparkles did Chelsea's makeup, and was Chelsea's personal stylist involved from the selection of the dresses, hair, shoes, etc.  Most items Chelsea is wearing are from our Lady Closet

Chelsea is the sweetest girl. She is a bit shy but has quite the wild side deep inside. She’s gone out on the town, here in New York City, a couple of times with her girlfriends. She is currently single but would love to meet a girl who is assertive.

She is still fairly new at dressing but has had urges since a child.

Chelsea will be going on many city adventures, you can count on that.

She turned it out during the shoot!!! America’s Next Top Model better watch out!!!

Meet Chelsea
Meet Chelsea
Meet Chelsea Meet Chelsea
Meet Chelsea

For more photos of Chelsea click HERE

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