Red Hair and Lips will Melt your Heart


This week's viewer photo submission comes from the stunning Jess.  She is burning up the place in red!

She writes:

This is a self photo, on my way to a concert by a local Transgender rock band called 'Chix'. I had just gotten the red hair and was just admiring the look. Traffic was terrible, so during one of the many complete stops I snapped this shot. A little background: I'm Jess Haust, 54, married with 2 grown girls (22 & 24). I help manage a group of around 300 girls in the DFW area through called Dallas Feminine Expression. I think that we have one of the largest and most active groups in the country and we are very proud of it.

I really enjoy your many transgender ventures and am very vocal about it with our group.


Thank you Jess so much for submitting your photo.  And keep up the good community work!  You are a class act.  Much love to your friends and family!


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