Guy and Girl Body

I used to work for a market research company for three years. That being said often times I don't think before doing things. I simply analyze the results afterwards.

For example the picture on the left is me summer of 2012. The picture on the right is me a couple weeks ago.

Technically it's same body but it's presented in different ways.

Due to its different presentation it is no surprise that it attracts different demographics.

The picture on the left attracts way more gay guys than the one on the right.

Perhaps nobody is surprised by these findings, but the experience for me is interesting.

When looked through a cultural lens, especially during a time where folks hunger to be "liked," one would think that one would present him/herself in a way that would garner the most attention/attraction from the desired demographic.

I was recently asked "What if you find the perfect guy, you fall deeply in love with him, but he doesn't like the fact that you cross-dress?"

Too which I replied without hesitation "then he's not the perfect guy."

Of course in any relationship there are compromises but giving up such an important part of myself is not something I am willing to do. The person that will share my love will love me in guy form and in four inch heels.



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