Sometimes a Fella, Sometimes a Lady

Yesterday I filmed a Rupaul's Drag Race audition tape for a fierce Drag Queen friend of mine. During the shoot we got to talking about the Gender Benders/T-Girl/Crossdressers that follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and on this here humble site.

Gay and straight people alike are always dumbfounded when I tell them that a large number, if not the majority of my audience are in the Crossdressing/Gender Bending community. They can't seem to wrap their heads around the idea that straight identifying men would want to wear women's clothes.

I on the other hand understand the desire to crossdress AND would even venture to say that I have a lot in common with my crossdressing family.

For example take the last two weekends of my life. Last night I took the above picture and posted it on Instagram as a bit of a "boy drag goof" with a caption that read "Wake up at 5am tomorrow to run a half marathon in 30 degree weather? Yeah, this is what I'm gonna wear."

Did I nail the "BRO" pose?  Should I have been scratching my nuts with one hand?

Today I "manned up" and ran my first half marathon

I'm not saying that running a half marathon is a "man's" thing but it sure is less glamorous than how I spent my previous Sunday as seen in the below photo.

I would venture to say that this pose is a bit less masculine than the pose in the very top photo.

What I like about gender benders is that they truly enjoy playing with their presentation.  They know that there is more to life than presentation.  They also know that playing dress up is hella fun!

Just take a look at the amazing  Before and After Photo Album we created with some of our GenderFun Family (more pics on the way).

These are folks that truly know how to flip a coin and come out winning every time, no matter what side it lands on.

Crossdressing isn't weird, it's fun.  What's weird is how everyone in the world doesn't crossdress for fun.  Sticking to only one gender is so last season.


ps - Guess what I wore under those black running tights (photo above). If you guessed Capezio Women's Hold and Stretch Footed Tight you are right. What can I say? I didn't want to run my first half marathon without taking my crossdressing family with me every step of the way. Thank you for being awesome gang ;-)


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