Why I Turn Guys into Girls

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(model: Chelsea)

Think of all the crazy things people pay money to do. Some people spend their money on skydiving, skiing, bungee jumping, paragliding, and the list goes on. Many of these things are down right dangerous. Think of attending the Opera, I know, it's not dangerous but really think about it; sitting in a darken room with strangers listening to fat ladies scream is down right ridiculous, yet people pay lots and lots of money for a 2+ hour front row seat.

That's why when people express how crazy they find the idea of me doing Boy-to-Girl transformations on my clients I ask them "Is it as crazy as skydiving?"

There are many ways to get your thrills in life, a Boy-to-Girl transformation is one of them.

There are many things I love about doing transformations. I love my client's faces gleaming with delight as they see their femme self in the mirror. It's like a child's face on Christmas morning. It's the kind of happiness that is contagious. I love that they are emotionally transported to an alternate universe where they are a beautiful sensual female. To tell you the truth, by the time I'm done transforming them I have a hard time believing that they were males just a few hours before they arrived in my studio. To me they are beautiful females standing in front of me, I respect them and treat them as such.

To be honest, there have been instances where my client's beauty is so striking that I simply want to kiss them. I know that would be unprofessional of me so I hold back. But can you blame me? They are gorgeous!

On a deeper level, I love the fact that while out in the world there are men robbing, steeling, raping, killing, etc, in my Transformation Studio it's just me and my client, two men relaxing, having fun, chatting, laughing, creating sensual ART. Imagine how peaceful the world would be if more men allowed themselves to get boy-to-girl transformation?

The fact is, I love my clients. I love their courage to try new things, their willingness to listen to their hearts, and their ability to let their hair down. They inspire me to do a better job every time. To me they are Dancers of Life, Artists with their bodies, and Spiritual beings manifested in fabulous physical form. And let's not forget that they are sexy as hell!

I am lucky to have the sexiest clients out there!

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