Rock n Roll Lady


It is my honor to introduce to you the lady of the hour, Mitch. The lovely Mitch was quite the rocker back in the 80s. She partied hard and rocked the city even harder in her guy form.

She came to me a couple weeks ago and I gave her a boy to girl transformation. I wanted to keep that rock 'n roll essence, but I also wanted to bring out the elegant lady energy she possesses. She was very pleased with the results and so was I. Mitch is a lady through and through. The kind of lady for whom you open doors. The kind of lady you warm up by lending her your black leather jacket at night when it gets too chilly.  The decades have given her some elegance to go with her wild spirit. A beautiful combination.


One of the best parts of the transformation was when we were on the roof with the wind caressing our cheeks and the warm sun on our shoulders, Mitch turned to me and asked "Can we hang out up here just a little longer?" And so we did two ladies on a Sunday afternoon just relaxing on the rooftop in New York City.  We may have only been five stories off the ground but we were soaring higher than any bird.

Learn more about the Boy-to-Girl Transformation processes and see other models click HERE

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