Transformations FAQ

Make Me A Woman

(Amnesia Sparkles)

You have some questions about the Transformation process?  Hopefully you'll find your answers below.


1) Do you have a photography studio?
- Yes.  We are in Brooklyn, NY.

2) Are you easily accessible by public transportation? 
- Yes, we are a 15 min train ride from Union Square and a two block walking distance from the train station

3) I was thinking of driving, will there be parking on the street?
- Yes.  There is usually plenty of safe free parking spots in the neighborhood,

4) What times are you available to do photo shoot?
-We are currently available Sat, Sun, and Mon between 10am - 10pm.
*1pm earliest start time with Amnesia .  

5) How long in advance should one book an appt?
- Because of limited spots we recommend you book your transformation soon as you know what day works for you.  Slots fill up quickly each week.

6) Can I clean my makeup off before leaving the studio?
- Yes, we will provide you with free makeup removal products so you can wash your face before you leave.

7) Will the press-on nails leave a glue on my nails when I take them off?
- No.  We use self-adhesive press-on nails that come off clean after your session is over

8) How long does a Transformation session last?
 - If you plan on modeling two outfits for the camera we'll need at least 4-5 hours from start to finish.  The makeup application alone can take from 1 1/2 to 2 hrs on your first appointment.

9) Will my photos be published for other's to see?
- We value your privacy.  No pictures of you will go public without your written consent.  If you love the spotlight we will be more than happy to post your final photos on our popular site Facebook page

10) What if I want to dress but don’t want a photo shoot?
We call that a FEMME SESSION.  You will hang out in our Studio where you will be able to try on as many outfits and take as many selfies during your session as time allows.  For Femme Time Sessions details click HERE

11) Can you fix my hair/wig?
- We can give your hair a quick fix before the shoot but we prefer you have your hair ready when you arrive in the studio.

12) Do you work alone?
- Yes, I usually work alone.  

13) Can my girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, or loved one be at the photo shoot with me?
- Of course. There will be no extra charge unless they want to jump in the photo with you.  However, there is usually no charge if they jump in for only a couple of pics

14) Can we go out to dinner, get a drink, or go shopping after my transformation?
- Sometimes, if my schedule allows it, I will accompany you for a drink in the city after the shoot.   Simply cover my transportation and drinks and we are good to paint the town pink!   However, If you plan on going out after the shoot it is my policy to not lend outfits or wigs from our Lady Closet.  You will have to dress in your own items to go out. Items from our Lady Closet are to remain in the studio to prevent damage.  (Shopping and Day Spa excursions services coming soon)

15) Are there any TG friendly bars near by?
- We usually like to take the girls out to the West Village in Manhattan.  There are a couple of TG mix crowd bars there.  Personally I'm fond of The Duplex,  especially during the warm months where you get to sip drinks al fresco right on 7th ave while people watching in femme.

16) Will there be a phone consultation before the shoot?
- Because of our busy schedule we like to set up appointments via email.  If you would like Styling advice prior to your makeover session you can schedule a Skype consultation.  Details click HERE.  *Limited time slots available.  

17) Can I have a cocktail or drink some wine during my transformation?
You can certainly bring something to sip during your transformation.  A little alcohol is ok to take the edge off, however we discourage heavy drinking since it can negatively affect your ability to walk in heels or look fresh in photos.

18) How old do I have to be to get an MTF Transformation?
You must be 18 years old OR if younger a parent or guardian must be present.

19) Will I need to shave my legs or arms for this? 
You don't have to shave your legs, arms, nor your chest.  We can cover arms, legs and chest with the right clothing and with thick tights.  However, please arrive with a freshly shaved face.

20) Can you recommend a salon to get a mani/pedi or wax? 
Some of my girls have gotten services at: Nail Plaza (212) 980-2308,, or

21) Where can I do some online shopping, and can you help me pick things out?
Here are some websites we've personally shopped in the past:,,,,, etc.  If you would like Styling advice prior to your makeover session you can schedule a Skype consultation.  Details click HERE.

22) Are there any items I need to bring to the Transformation Session? 
You are welcome to bring anything that you currently own from wigs to shoes.  However we have everything we need to doll you up from head to toe.

23) What about underwear? 
You are welcomed to bring your favorite panties.  However we have a nice selection of fresh panties and gaffs for your to wear.  

24) What about stockings? 
You are welcomed to bring your favorite stockings.  However we have a nice selection of thigh high and skinny stockings for you to wear.  They will all feel great on your legs.

25) Do you ever do XXX photo shoots? 
We pride ourselves in creating a comfortable environment where you can express yourself fully.  We are comfortable in doing and have done shoots where the girl is only in her panties and bra.  We do understand how sexy an MTF Transformation makeover and photoshoot can be.  So we encourage our girls to let loose as they see fit.  No pressure.  

26) I'm from outside NYC, what hotel do you recommend I stay at? 
Picking a hotel is a matter of personal preference.  Some girls like staying close to Time Square others pick a fancy hotel on Madison Avenue.  If you'd like to stay in Manhattan and are planning to take a quick cab ride to our studio in Brooklyn I recommend you pick a hotel near the Williamsburg Bridge.  If you rather stay in Brooklyn, you can search for a hotels, BNB, Airbnb, or Hostels in the Williamsburg area near the Montrose Subway stop (Google Map area zip code 11206 or 11211).

27) Can I smoke during my transformation?
Our transformation studio is a NO SMOKING space.  HOWEVER, we do have a communal courtyard in the back of the building where you can have a smoke after you are all dolled up.

28) Can we do a duo makeover session with me and another girl?
- Duo girl shoots are a lot of fun.  You are welcome to bring a friend and I'll get both of you dolled up.  We will need a good 4-6 hours to get you both ready.  So plan your day accordingly.

29) Can I ship some items I would like to wear (shoes, wigs, clothes, etc) to your studio prior to my makeover?
-  This is a service I only offer AFTER your first makeover.  First time clients either need to wear what we have in our LADY CLOSET or they need to bring what they would like to wear.

30) Can I buy the outfit I wear from the LADY CLOSET so I can leave your studio dressed?
- We currently don't sell items in our Lady Closet.

31) Do you offer Discounts?
- We currently only offer Student Discounts.

32) Have you ever done makeovers on Plus Size Girls?
- Yes.  The largest dress size we carry is a size 16.

33) Have you ever done makeovers on mature girls?
- Yes.  Our oldest girl was in her 70s.

33) Have you ever done makeovers on dark skin girls?
- Yes we have. Don't worry, we have foundation for dark skinned girls

34) What is the smallest and Largest woman's shoe size you carry?
- You can pick from woman's shoe size 9-13 from our Lady Closet.

35) Can I have my makeover done by Amnesia?
Currently we are only offering makeovers as Adrian. 
READ ABOUT why limited Makeovers 
as Amnesia in 2017  click HERE

36) What form of payment do you accept?
- We accept all major credit cards through Paypal, Venmo, Popmoney we also accept cash, or money orders.  

37) How do I book my shoot?
- Click HERE or if you don't have flash email us @ subject line: "client inquiry."

We look forward to a great experience with you!

Contact us today click HERE

Or if you don't have flash email us @ subject line: "client inquiry"


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