I'm 17, Male, and I Want to be a Pretty Girl

Today's viewer mail comes from a young lad that would really like to start dressing as a girl.

He writes:

I watch your vidoes all the time! Im only 17 but the girl inside of me is bursting to come out. I really need your help because right now im so bad at this and I so baldy want to be preety:)

Hi G,

Congrats on acknowledging your inner girl self at such a young age. Many men suppress their inner Girl Self for much of their adulthood never letting her out. You are light years ahead of the game.

Now you can start the process of figuring out how to incorporate your inner girl self into the real world. It's bringing fantasy into reality, it is making a dream come true. You are at the beginning of a fantastic journey.

The first step is to set a goal.

Being a girl is not cheap so you'll need money. Figure out a way to save money. This will be a "Girly Fund."

Due to your current circumstances you might not be able to dress up as a girl at the moment. But if you start saving money now you can use that money in the future to buy shoes, wigs, and lots of dresses.

Thanks for writing in.


We all have ideas trapped in our minds of what we want to do with our time. We have fantasies we'd love to bring to life. Many of us will sit on an idea and never bring it to life, not just because we fear not being able to achieve our dreams but because we don't set a goal and a plan of action in order to archiving them.

We get caught up in desperation and feeling helpless and hopeless. In the words of a wise woman, "Ain't nobody got time for that."

Step one to successful Crossdressing / Gender-bending

$$$ Start a Girly Fund $$$

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