Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jessica Who on TV

New Video

Did you hear the exciting news? The very talented funny and sweet gender bending performer Jessica Who was on TV recently!!!

To see Jessica on VH1's "I'm Married to A..." 
click HERE

We are so proud of her sharing her story with the masses. It takes a lot of guts to do what she did. In her honor today we celebrate Jessica by going down memory lane to the time Jessica and Amnesia collaborated on a series of videos. We had a blast that day!

Click on links to see videos

1 - 5 Tips 4 TEEN GURLS! 

2 - Movie Trailers - 5 Things I Love and Hate 

3 - Occupy Trans Street 

4 - Jessica Who - The X Factor Singing and Dancing Audition 

5 - Dude Looks Like a Lady 

6 - Amnesia Interviews Vicki (Part I) 

7 - Amnesia Interviews Vicki (Part II)

Congrats Jessica, You are a class act.

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