Some Gays Are Ignorant, and that's Ok

For the past 10 years "The Gays" have been very vocal about wanting the right to get married. They have reminded Gay Youth that "It Get's Better." The fight for equality has not been an easy one. There have been many casualties along the way. Egos have been bruised and countless lives have been lost.

You would think that with the fight for equality their would be more educating the masses on what being Gay is all about, showcasing the similarities between the Gay and Straight human experience yet the divide seems to be getting wider. Both parties, Gay and Straight, seem unwilling to see the gray area of the sexual orientation scale.

Not everything is black or white.

There's a difference when discussing Homosexuality as an "Act" vs Homosexuality as an "Identity." It has been my experience that many gay men I've talked to don't seem to really understand men who enjoy dressing like women that also enjoy having sex with men, women and transgender individuals.

Many gay men feel like there is only two ways of being, Gay or Straight. They ignore or simply reject the notion that anyone can be somewhere in the middle. How could someone enjoy penises AND vaginas?

If you follow this blog you know that on the weekends I do boy-to-girl transformations on clients. I give men makeovers where I turn them into women. All of the men I've transformed enjoy having sex with women very much. Some have had sex with trans women as well as men. They are not bound by sexual labels.

I can't tell you the numerous times I get asked by gay men if my clients are gay.

Gay Guy: So was your client gay?
Me: You mean does he identify as a gay man or has he had gay experiences?
Gay Guy: What's the difference?
Me: Well, you can have gay experiences and not consider yourself "Gay."
Gay Guy: Do they have sex with women too?
Me: Yes.
Gay Guy: So their bi?
Me: To the outside world they are bi but most gender-benders I've met don't care to label their sexual orientation. They are very open and attracted to men, women, and pre and post-op trans individuals.
Gay Guy: That's weird. Whatever, they are so totally GAY.

I've encountered this level of ignorance from gay people time and time again. For a group of individuals that is fighting for equality and understanding "The Gays" don't seem to think outside the box. They don't seem to extend the understanding, acceptance, and respect they very much desire from society.

Just think how much more persuasive the Gay Liberation movement would be if they lead by example.

It's ok "Gays," it gets better.

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