Gender Bending Spotlight

In early 2013 we launched the GenderFun Facebook Page. We had no idea if anyone would LIKE the page but sure enough slowly the LIKES started increasing.  Currently it is in the thousands!  My intention for the page was so that Gender bending enthusiast would have a fun, positive, place on the web where they can visit and participate in gender related topics.

Now half way through the year the LIKES keep increasing but best of all so has participation. A true conversation has been created where everyone can chime in and express their views. I love the answers we get from "The Question of the Day."

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend and they had a few questions about one of the Gender Fun Facebook photo albums.  After hearing myself speak my mind for the first time regarding the FB Page I decided to write the answers down.  Today I would like to share them with you.

What's up with the before and after photo album on the Gender Fun Facebook page?

I love that photo album and everyone in it! In a nutshell, the album features men before and after they are transformed into women.

Do most of the guys in the album make hot chicks?

Some of the transformations are incredible, you have to see them! For me what's more important is that the album represents a "coming out" of sorts. It's like saying to the world "here I am world, in two of my many states." It's very courageous.

Why is gender-bending important?

A man can see the world differently when he dresses like a woman. Furthermore a man can see the world even more differently if he's out of the closet about dressing like a woman. There is a lot that men can learn from walking in women's shoes. There is a lot that EVERYONE can learn from loving a man who walks in women's shoes.

 What are you most proud of regarding and the Gender Fun Facebook page?

I'm mostly proud of every single person that visits the page and shares their experiences. I'm proud that they allow themselves to let their hair down. I'm proud that they are open to seeing themselves as they are but also as they would like to be. And I'm proud that so many reach out and make new friends there. And of course I'm proud that they are all sexy...before and after ;-)

We are creating a brotherhood of sisters, or a sisterhood of brothers!

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