Is Crossdressing an Addiction?


Today's reader asks a very common question regarding crossdressing.

He writes:

Do you think it is possible to give up crossdressing for good and do you think crossdressing is a addiction

Dear reader
Yes and no. I think it depends on how you see cross-dressing. If you are using cross-dressing to hide from the world then it could be an addiction. But if you use cross-dressing like I do with Amnesia to bring the world together then it's not an addiction but a mission

There are many stages a crossdresser goes through.   When you are in the stage where you are still denying your inner most desires to dress cossdressing may feel like an addiction.  Once you start dressing regularly you will see that it no longer feels like an addiction.  Crossdressing then starts feeling like part of your personality and human experience.

Girls who have been dressing for decades and are open about it can tell you that it no longer feels like an addiction.  This mental shift is mostly in part because life feels differently once you come out of the closet.


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