The Moment your Spouse Learns about Your Secret Life


You are a cross-dresser. You have a Facebook profile for your femme self. Your wife or girlfriend discovers it. What do you do now?

This means it's time to take the marriage to the next level. Time to share with her what crossdressing means to you, how it makes you feel and how it enhances your life. She might need a lot of time to accept it so make sure to not pressure her.

This is a time to learn from each other. She will learn a whole new aspect of you and you will learn how she faces life's surprises.

You must remind her that you are still the man she married. Except now you don't have to hide one of the characteristics that makes you the individual you are.

This is the time to "man up" in order to be the woman you want to be on the side

Stay strong and confident. Together you and your spouse can work through this transitional period.

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