Personal Year in Review 2013

In a blink of an eye 2013 is gone. As I sit back and reflect on times gone by I’ve come to the conclusion that this past year was a 7 out of 10 kind of year. Here is a look back at how 2013 treated me.

The year started a bit rough with the unexpected death of a good friend.

I attended the opera

We created the Gender Fun Facebook page

I ran my first half marathon 13.8 miles (22km) Part of running the half marathon was to raise money for hurricane Sandy relief.  Sammy would be proud.

Friends and I went to Cold Spring hiking

I transformed Samantha from Australia

Helped my friend move apartments

Did some home improvement

I put some miles on my running shoes. According to Nike+ I put over 263 miles total.

I attended a Met's game on my birthday thanks to my friend Rio.

Did a good share of laying in the sun enjoying the warm Summer weather

Got my measurements taken for my first custom made gown

I went into the ocean for the first time in 10 years

My dad came to visit me. It was his First time in NY in over 32 years

There was a bit of drama with my roommates. One roommate moved out and another moved in

I was fortunate to attend the US Open again this year

I visited Peekskill, NY and Stamford CT

I helped my friend film a music video

I kept up with my fitness

Had delicious grasshopper tacos again

Reconnected with a lovely friend from high school again under the Rockefeller Christmas tree

I finally renewed my passport , a crazy odyssey

Started the process of getting a new smile

Filmed and published a new episode of my reality show “Getting Amnesia” with the help of a great crew!

The GenderFun youtube subscribers reached over 13,000 subscribers

Amnesia tried 18 new looks

We got thousands of LIKES on the Gender Fun Facebooks page

We posted over 20 videos on Youtube

I did 25 boy-to-girl transformations on girls from as far as California, Canada, and even Australia! I even took a number of my clients out on the town for a drink in femme.

I filmed a Rupaul Drag Race audition video for a friend. She didn't get a call back. However, I also made an admission video for a friend to get into a master's program. He got in!!!

I dated a handful of very handsome and nice men. I had a great time with them even though there were no LTR sparks.

2013 marked 10 years at my office job.

I allowed my ex, a filmmaker, to film his TV pilot in my room

And of course I was fortunate to have plenty of lovely dinners and lunches with friends as well as watched some great TV from Orange is the New Black, to Louie, DS9, Twin Peaks, and 30 Rock,

Overall, it was full year. No complaints. I worked hard but I also partied quite a bit, a good balance.

Thank you for being a part of my 2013.

Here's to 2014. May it bring more great times!

UPDATE: I ended the year in Epcot Center Disney World with my wonderful High School friend Christina.


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