Question of the Day Vol I

Are you shy?  Do you sometimes have a hard time starting a conversation?  Here are 50 gender related questions that you can pop anywhere from a dinner party to a night out with the girls.

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1. Pantyhose/tights, ridiculous human invention or very very sexy when they are on??

2. "If a girl (woman) is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her?"

3. Summer is almost over...did you go topless at the beach this year? Would you?

4. When someone uses the term "sissy" to describe themselves is it a turn-on or a turn-off?

5. What kind of woman are you?

6. Where is the most glamorous place you've ever visited all dressed up?

7. In regards to "passing" what's more important to you: having the other person believe you are a genetic woman or NOT having them bring up the fact that you were not born a genetic woman?

8. Do you enjoy making out?

9. Autumn is just around the corner, have you bought new boots yet?

10. When was the last time you gave a compliment to a man?

11. (Fri 13th) Who do you think is more superstitious, men or women?

12. Have you ever been slapped in the face by a woman like in the movies?

13. Do you think there is a Gender Bias Against Men?

14. Do you ever feel like a superhero, because the WHOLE WORLD hasn't met your secret identity?

15. If you could walk the red carpet what color dress would you wear?

16. Who is your celebrity crush man and woman? (A man AND woman you want to be with and/or be like)

17. Do you usually go in for a passionate kiss first, or do you wait to be kissed?

18. Which do you like more, natural breasts or implants?

19. What sexy meal would you cook/bake for that special someone you are interested in?

20. How do you feel about cheerleaders? Sexy or annoying?

21. Some prefer male pets some prefer female pets (for several reasons), which do you prefer?

22. Have you ever heard of anyone who is blind from birth and also transgender?

23. If you were forced to pick between an Action movie and a Romantic Comedy which one would you pick? YOU HAVE TO PICK ONE! Don't cop out by saying "depends" or "both"

24. What is sexier, a very fit woman or a woman with a bit of meat on her bones? Curves or Muscles?

25. Celine Dion may have roughly 3000 shoes!!!! How many shoes is too many?

26. Do you think most people understand the emotional and mental "shift" a gender-bender feels inside when dressing?

27. Do you open doors, give up your seat, and/or encourage a lady to step out of the elevator first?

28. Who is the most attractive man in government today?

29. Who is the most attractive lady in government today?

30. Do you enjoy warm bubble baths by yourself?

31. What is femininity?

32. What's more fun dancing in heels or out of heels?

33. If you had unlimited funds what part of your body would you alter with plastic surgery?

34. What is scarier, following your dreams or never following your dreams?

35. Why do you think Drag Queens are more comfortable "standing out" than other gender-bending and transgender individuals?

36. What are some of the biggest mistakes made by gender-benders when they first start dressing?

37. From whom have you purchased more items, Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood?

38. Have you ever labeled women "Crazy?"

39. What would the best gender-bender party include? Let's put our heads together and make it happen!

40. As a gender-bender do you feel you are "suffering" from a "condition."

41. What are your thoughts on laser hair removal?

42. How do you feel about a woman in her 50's dating someone in their 20's?

43. How do you feel when you are objectified? Do you like the attention or not?

44. How do you feel about folks who tell you that they are promiscuous?

45. What will you gift/give YOURSELF this holiday season?

46. What is the best day and time of the week to get all dolled up?

47. How young is too young for makeup?

48. Is yoga mostly for women?

49. Do you know where a man's g-spot is located?

50. Do you ever go on dates with yourself? Where do you go and how do you treat yourself?

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