Google Glass is a piece of technology that helps you see the world through other people's eyes. Google glass, among other things, is simply a small computer with a camera you wear on your face. It sees what you see. However a camera doesn't judge, it simply captures events.

Technology such as a video camera doesn't judge, it simply captures what you'd like to record in order to watch it at a future time. In a nutshell, Technology doesn't judge but PEOPLE do judge. This is not a new concept but more and more folks are awakening to this fact thanks to technology.

It's no secret to women that they get judged harshly when they are viewed trying to accomplish those things Men have accomplished in the past. A recent example is that of the ladies of the Winter Olympics 2014. Women get judged harshly when seen through the "gender lens." Consequently Men get judged harshly when seen through the same "gender lens." What's acceptable behavior for a woman is an abomination for a man.

The problem with seeing life through the "Gender Lens" is that it points out our differences instead of focusing on our similarities. The Gender Lens tells woman they are too weak to accomplish those things Men have in the past. The Gender Lens also tells men they are not to express their vulnerability and sensitivity as women do. When a person subscribes to this world view it traps them in thinking that they are broken, weird, or simply not "right" if they don't fall in one or the other gender 100% of the time.

It takes a lot of courage to express how life makes you feel. This experience of being alive is strange to both genders from time to time. The last thing a person wants to hear when expressing something personal about him or herself is that what they are feeling should be expressed in the traditional form of one of two genders.

If you ever feel like life is lacking a bit of magic or meaning try dropping the "Gender Lens" and you'll start REALLY listening and SEEING people for what they truly FEEL inside. You will actually SEE life through their EYES. Dropping the Gender Lens is far better and more effective than Google Glass.

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