A Different Crossdressing Story

Here is the story of a Crossdresser I'm accostumed to hearing:

- A young boy starts experimenting wearing women's clothing at a young age
- Shame starts to creep in shortly after
- The boy suppresses the desire to dress for years.
- Boy, now a man, gets married and has kids
- After many years of suppressing the desire to dress the man dresses again in secret.
- Shame creeps in again
- Man purges all crossdressing items in the hopes the feeling to dress will go away
- Feelings to dress in women's clothing still persists even after many years.
- Finally man decides to dress again, maybe even go out in femme, maybe even kiss and/or have sexual encounters with another crossdresser or man without the wife and kids having a clue of this "secret life"
- Wife finds out about husband's crossdressing and the fact that he has lied to her in the past in order to cover up his "secret life."
- Wife feels betrayed demands a divorce and threatens to take the kids with her

It's true we can't change the past but if you're an OLDER crossdresser, what advice would you give a YOUNGER crossdresser so they don't go through the struggles you went through?

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