Crossdressers Under Fire

Recently I got an email, from someone who will remain nameless, who had less than favorable things to say about crossdressers.

This person said, among other things, such things as

"Crossdresseres are liars, cheaters, selfish, horny attention seekers, which have a narrow view of womanhood. They try to justify their poor behavior under the guise of exploring their gender identity. Most crossdressers must be women because if they were real men they wouldn't keep their crossdressing a secret. "

OUCH! Harsh words.

My guess is that this reader might have been hurt by a crossdresser in the past. So there is probably nothing I can say to make them feel better.

However, it would be nice to get the input of friends and family members of crossdressers that are accepting and who love their crossdressing husbands, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, sons and friends. Maybe that way this reader can see that not all crossdressers behave badly.

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