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It's come to our attention that I'm on Wikipedia!  

Right now it's an empty page.  No Surprise there since not many people know "my story."  So I figured I'd sit down and write a few things I experienced during my past that might be of interest to others.  

Here is the first draft.  Please feel free to play "editor" and fix anything you feel needs fixing.   

Here is the first draft to be posted on Wikipedia.

Amnesia Sparkles (born April 19th, 1979) is the alter ego of artist, photographer, and writer, Adrian L. Acosta.  Amnesia made her Television debut on the first season of the popular show American Idol making her the first gender bender on the show.  She holds the honor of being the first winner of the Miss Thang Beauty Pageant and has performed in New York and Florida stages.  As a contributing writer for New York City's Next Magazine, Amnesia interviewed artists such as Dolly Parton, Lady Bunny, Kevin Aviance, and Jim Verraros.

Amnesia is the creator of GenderFun.com, a website focusing on gender and sexuality.  She currently lives in New York City where she runs the Gender Fun website and YouTube Channel as well as performs full Male-to-Female Makeovers on men who enjoy being transformed into women.

1979 - 1997

Adrian L. Acosta (Amnesia Sparkles) was born in Montevideo Uruguay.  His father was a Butcher and his mother was a Homemaker later turned Esthetician.  Adrian is one of three children with an older brother and a younger sister, making him the middle child.  By age 21 Acosta had moved and resided in 13 houses/apts and attended 4 different Elementary Schools in 2 different countries.   

Acosta showed interest in the arts at a very young age.  He won his first drawing contest in 1st grade when he drew a school inside a huge glass dome.  The assignment was to draw the school of the future.  The drawing hung in the administrative office as prize.
He also showed great interest in the female sex from an early age.  In second grade he was sent to the principle's office for playing "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours" with a female classmate.   In third grade he was scolded by his teacher for drawing naked women, an obsession of his.  

He had multiple romantic affairs with girls growing up.  He "married" his neighborhood sweetheart, Leticia, when they were both 4 or 5 years old.  The play-marriage ended abruptly when the Acosta family relocated.
Adrian was bullied by other boys, during his coming of age years, for not having grown hair on his legs like the other boys.  He got in a couple of brawls defending his "manhood."

Acosta's first experience experimenting with gender-bending came at age 15 or 16 when he made and wore a Half Man Half Woman costume for Halloween.  The following year for Halloween he dressed as a full baby girl, the likes of Wendy from Peter Pan in a long nightgown.

Acosta's first taste in the performing arts came when he joined the Drama Club (Troupe 2617) at Coconut Creek High School in 1995.  He won numerous acting awards as well as a design award for best T-shirt design at the Florida District 7 Thespian Competition (http://flthespian.com). 

He was also cast in lead roles in numerous school theater productions.  Acosta stepped in to play the role of Conrad Birdie for Piper High School, a neighboring High School,  when their Conrad Birdie dropped out at the last minute.  He made a grand entrance on a shiny black Harley Davidson.  The girls went wild! 

Acosta began experimenting with film when his parents bought him a camcorder in 1995-96.  His interest in girls continued to get him in trouble.  A female classmate flashed her breasts at Adrian's camera during the 1996 Florida State Thespian competition resulting in the teacher confiscating the tape. 

 His senior year in high school Acosta and a few of his classmates started a cover band (Lydian Zero).  As the singer of the band he covered 80s and 90s rock tunes by U2, Guns N’ Roses, and Oasis.  The band split after their first concert at the near by Community College.

In 1997 Acosta entered Coconut Creek High School's first Crossdressing Beauty Pageant called Miss Thang.  Acosta, with the help of his schoolmate Diana Fye for the first time brought to life his alter ego Amnesia Sparkles.  Amnesia went on to win "Best Legs" as well as the title of Miss Thang 1997.   

1998 - 2002

Acosta continued his life in the theater performing in a number of regional and community theater productions playing mostly male roles with the exception of playing a Kit Kat Girl named Texas in the musical Cabaret.  During this time he taught acting and musical theater to children ages 5-12 as well as directed them in Broadway style musical productions while employed for an after school and Summer camp theater program.

In 2001 Acosta began experimenting with photography for the first time with his cousin Veronika's camera.

Acosta, following in his mother's foot steps, completed a Skin Care/Makeup Training program at Florida College of Natural Health (http://www.fcnh.com) making him a Licensed Esthetician.

During this time Amnesia Sparkles performed at local bars as well as for family reunions.

In early 2002 Amnesia Sparkles made her Television debut on the FIRST SEASON of a Television talent show called American Idol.  She got the internet forums buzzing when she kissed Simon Cowell on the air, one of the Judges on the show, during the FIRST episode. 

Acosta moved to New York City in late 2002 and lived in a humble one bedroom railroad style apartment in Harlem with a friend from Florida.  He had a rough time finding employment and sustained himself by eating ramen noodles, cans of tuna, and McDonald's Dollar Menu.  In 2003 Acosta luckily found employment in Corporate America right around the time his bank account was in the negative. 

 In 2005 Amnesia finally got a break and became a contributing writer for Next Magazine thanks to editor and chief Gregory T. Angelo who gave her a shot.  As a contributing writer for Next Magazine Amnesia got the opportunity to interview singer-songwriter Dolly Parton (https://youtu.be/zsPTSNYnpas), Jim Verreros, and Drag artists such as Lady Bunny, Shequida, and Kevin Aviance.  Amnesia also wrote numerous entertaining articles. During this time Amnesia was also interviewed by a number of Gay websites including the Feast of Fun, After Elton, and Queerty.com.

 In late 2006 Acosta and a few of his coworkers started a cover band (No Subordination). As the singer of the band, he covered 80s and 90s rock tunes by U2, Guns N’ Roses, and Oasis. They play venues such as Bar East, Don Hill’s, and they sold out the Mercury Lounge. In 2007 they cut a demo and submitted it to the Fortune Battle of the Corporate Bands. They flew down to Nashville to compete. They secured a spot in the finals which would take place in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio. Do to a conflict of interest they were forced to pull out of the competition.

 In 2007 Acosta transformed himself into Amnesia Sparkles for the 2nd half of the photography piece "1/2 Man, 1/2 Woman" (https://youtu.be/Fhfvjkodpwc) where he photographed himself as a man and as a woman and then merged the two images to make one image where Adrian and Amnesia are standing side by side (https://youtu.be/_vJXsMSSQlc).  He filmed the makeup application going from boy-to-girl in the style of the Dove Evolution video and posted it on his personal youtube channel "Drawlove" which captured the public's attention.

Amnesia recorded the hook for the song "Looking Back" on the album "Master of Fine Arts"  by Gay Rapper Soce the Elemental Wizard.  On Friday August 8th, 2008 Soce won the Sirius Radio/Shade 45 Gay Rap Battle on the Gayest Rap Show Ever competition by singing "Searching" LIVE w Amnesia Sparkles singing the hook of the song (https://youtu.be/7Pc92YpLcrc).

Amnesia continued to hone her craft by performing for her family, as well as doing Live performances in NYC venues such as The Slide, XES, Bowery Poetry Club, and Parkside Lounge.  Amnesia also appeared in TV Spots on WB Morning News, HERE TV, Logo's New Now Next.  She also did some "extra" work in John Cameron Mitchell's film Short Bus.

2009 - 2016

In 2009 Amnesia launched GenderFun.com, a website focusing on gender and sexuality.  Through GenderFun.com she was lucky to have interviewed one of her idols, Super Model of the World Rupaul (http://tinyurl.com/zjs9grx).  

In 2010 the first episode of her internet reality show "Getting Amnesia" was broadcast on Gender Fun (http://tinyurl.com/j43e4er).
Amnesia participated in Gender Fun video collaborations with numerous personalities from Matthew Camp, Bill Lagaret, Michael Buckley, The Resident, Dan Olson, Jessica Who, and Prada G. Major.  GenderFun YouTube videos have been viewed over millions of times collectively.

In 2010 Acosta became the subject of the documentary "Amnesia" by Melissa Balan, which went on to win Best Documentary at the East Coast Student Film Festival  (https://youtu.be/MIiPV3Wdnx8).  "Amnesia" introduces the audience to Adrian and Amnesia as they describe why they created GenderFun.com and how we all have an inner Amnesia longing to come out.

Two of Acosta's photographs taken during the 2008 Lawrence King Community vigil were selected and published in book LGBT Identity and and Online New Media (http://tinyurl.com/h6o73j9).  A photograph of artist Taylor Mac taken by Acosta at the 2009 Invasion of the Pines was selected and displayed at the Leslie Lohman Gallery in New York City. 

In 2010 Amnesia and crew sang for a sold out crowd at The Duplex  

In 2013 Amnesia began performing full Boy-to-Girl Makeover Transformations on men who enjoy being transformed into women http://tinyurl.com/orp5djh).
In 2014 Acosta wrote an article which was featured in the front page of Huffington Post Gay Voices titled "Why Men Come to Me to Be Transformed Into Women"

In 2015, after a long journey, Acosta finally became a U.S. Citizen. 

In 2016, Amnesia launched her first Crowdfunding campaign. The goal was to raise funds to travel across American and back while giving MTF makeovers and meet Gender Fun supporters in 6 major cities (Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Seattle, Chicago).  The 17 day trip had a few bumps along the road but Amnesia considers it a complete success.   (Request the full 9000 word travelogue by emailing info@genderfun.com)

2017 - Present

In 2017 Acosta continued his gender identity journey of discovery by beginning the "transition" process.  As a gender fluid, gender expansive, pansexual identified individual they started growing their hair long, they pierced ears, as well as began painful electrolysis treatment in order to get rid of their facial hair.

In 2018 under the care of a trusted transgender endocrinologist Acosta began hormone treatment.
That year Acosta also helped their high school friend Christina deliver her second child, a truly magical experience.

In 2019 Acosta met a very special individual and they began a wonderful romantic relationship.

In 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic put a pause on MTF makeovers but we hope to resume makeovers in 2021.

As of 2020 the Gender Fun community keeps growing on YouTube (www.YouTube.com/GenderFun) with over 26,100 subscribers, and over 15,600 gender bending supporters on the Facebook page  (www.Facebook.com/GenderFun)  who share their experiences and opinions regarding gender and sexuality topics.


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