Just Do It

My roommate and I are very fond of an old saying, it goes like this "Shit or get off the pot." I associate this saying with malcontent individuals who seem to always come up with an excuse as to why they can't be happy. They might also be "party poopers" because they can't seem to hold back their unhappiness, they must simply tell you how much they disagree with your actions and beliefs even when you didn't even ask for their opinion.

When it comes to men who dress like women there is a large number of folk that need to shit or get off the pot. You might be thinking that the above statement is a bit insensitive on my part since some of these folks are living with an enormous amount of fear. I don't see it as being insensitive, clearly I understand the struggle, I see it more as Tough Love. If you don't like it then get angry about it!

Anger is a great motivator. You need a bit of fire in your soul. When you're angry you usually "do something about it." The power comes from "doing."

So now, what is it that you really want to do? Instead of thinking "I can't do it because of x y and z," ask yourself "HOW can I make it happen." The key then is using your imagination to think of how to make a goal a reality vs coming up with excuses as to why things will never change.

One of the reasons I love my boy-to-girl clients so much is because they got off the pot! Many of these men dressed as women in secret, never in the company of someone else until they came to me for a makeover and photoshoot. Some had never gone outside dress until we went out on the town together. They finally got the courage to make a dream into a reality. You have to admire that level of bravery.

Why Men Come to Me to Be Transformed Into Women

We all have many obstacles to overcome in our lifetime and we certainly can't do it all on our own. Find out what you really want and then search for a supportive group of people that will help you achieve your dreams. You are not alone. Join forces and together you will devise a plan to make your dreams a reality. There is great power in numbers.

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