The Freedom Many Want


I crossdress. This means I was assigned male at birth but on my spare time I dress like a woman. I'm not alone. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of males just like me. Although we have many similarities, being that I've been running a website focusing on gender and sexuality, I'm aware that we also have many differences.

Lets focus on some of the differences (without judging).

I've had a job in corporate America for the past 11 years and my coworkers know about my dressing. Many crossdressers keep their femme life in the closet from their jobs.

My friends and family have been aware of my femme self since 1997 and they delight and have even invited her to family gatherings. Many crossdressers keep their femme self in the closet from their friends and families afraid they won't be accepted.

I'm currently single but when I go on dates I freely talk to my potential spouse about my femme self since it's a part of me. Many crossdressers keep their femme self in the closet from their spouses or potential spouses.

My male self and female self are linked on the internet so if you know one of me chances are you know the two of me on the internet. Many crossdressers never link their femme self online profiles to their male self profiles.

I'm well aware that everyone's circumstances are different so I never preach about coming out of the closet to anyone. However, being that I'm out of the closet in all the above areas of my life I have to say that it does give me a freedom to worry less about what I should keep secret about myself. This freedom does minimize my fears, gives me confidence, and it's something I would encourage all crossdressers to strive to obtain. I didn't get here over night, and I have a long ways to go, and that's something we all have in common.


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