Women have a Lower IQ than Men?


Today's Viewer mail comes from Nick. Nick has a very interesting question about how I present myself in guy mode (Adrian) vs how I present myself in femme mode (Amnesia). He writes:

"I do have a question - and I'm not making any political point here - but Adrian presents as intelligent and erudite but Amnesia is an air-head. I'm not pushing a trans-feminist agenda here, I'm just curious as to why you feel the need to lower your IQ when the wig and makeup go on."

Here is my response:


That's a great question, although I'm not sure how inteligent I seem in this video


Thanks for writing!


On a more serious note, I've been running this website since 2009. One of the lessons I've learned in the past 5 years is, usually when I get viewer mail it's not REALLY about ME, it's about an internal struggle, conflict, or curiosity coming from deep inside the person who is asking the question. Usually they ask me a question about something they recognize within themselves.

Clearly the above question is a matter of perception. The viewer perceives me to be presenting myself not only differently on the exterior level (dressed as a woman vs dressed as a man) but the viewer also perceives me to appear less intelligent as a woman. We all know that a person's IQ cannot change simply by putting on lipstick and a pair of heels, yet as you can see some folk are programed to see women that way, even when the woman is not a biological woman.

This is a reality many if not ALL biological women know and face often. If a woman goes out at night in a little black dress, high heels, with her hair and make up all done up, it's hard for folks to see her as a scholar which she could very well be.


I always like to bring it back to the concept of Time, Place, Manner . Although we might be the same person at our core, depending on the Time, the Place, and the Manner in which we go about our business we may be perceived completely different. Take for example being a child and seeing your teacher at the grocery store for the first time. You think to yourself, "WOW Mrs. Johnson is out of the classroom. She's like, human and stuff. And she's buying tampons!!!! EWWWWWW." This reality-check can often times shock a child. It's almost like it opens a whole new dimension of perception. Suddenly you start seeing someone in a whole new light.

I believe this is one of the many things ALL Crossdressers can offer society. They can help change people's preconceived notions of gender and sexuality. They can expand a person's perspective. They can spark a person's curiosity. The Crossdresser can do all these things by simply being themselves publicly.

That is why I see cross-dressing as not only something FUN but also something very SMART!


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