"You look better as a woman!" those are words me and many other cross dressers like myself have heard many many times. WE ALL have the choice to present ourselves, adorn our bodies, how we choose. Because it's still not acceptable to walk out of the house naked we have to choose how we dress every morning when we get out of bed.

Most women will wear women's clothes. Most men will wear men's clothes. Crossdressers will wear BOTH! And thus, people who know a crossdresser as a man and as a woman will have an opinion as to which of your gender presentation they fancy the most. It really is an interesting feeling being on the receiving end of a comment such as "You look better as a woman!"

Me, I try to have fun with both genders not really worrying weather I look better as one or the other...because, lets face it, we all look pretty good to someone else once they've had enough to drink.

As a Woman

As a Man

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