What Does Being STRAIGHT Mean to You?

Recently I made a video where I answered the question "Do you get hit on by straight guys?" (click above video for answer)

Sexual orientation labels no longer mean the same as they did in the past. Back in the day I would hear the term "Straight," or "Gay" and I knew what the person was talking about. Now, when I hear the term "Straight" I need some clarification. Many Male-to-Female Cross-dressers SAY they are "STRAIGHT" but that word usually comes with a fine print.

When a MTF cross-dresser says they are "Straight" sometimes what they really mean is "I am attracted to humans that are FEMININE." Both men and women can be FEMININE so they are sexually aroused by either SEX so long as the sex they are attracted to presents themselves in a FEMININE way.

Take for example what a cross-dresser said on one of my youtube videos.

"I very much am (Straight) but also enjoy dressing up en-femme and going out in public and very much enjoy masturbating whilst looking at other TVs/CDs.....I've never had the chance but I wouldn't say no to a sexual experience with a guy that looked as good a woman as you do....in-fact I think being dressed and "69ing" with another TV/CD would be a real thrill - but oddly I couldn't even consider it if I was dressed normal drab and with another drab male....how screwed up am I???? No for me female's rock, even males dressed up as females...(but not males, or females dressed as males)....."

I can't tell you the number of times I've heard the above from many MANY cross-dressers. Not all cross-dressers would be into having a penis in their mouth or in their anus but for many of them this is a fantasy they'd like to have come true so long as the penis is attached to a FEMININE human.

It's not just cross-dressers whom consider themselves STRAIGHT, there are many burly masculine men who consider themselves STRAIGHT (and do not cross-dress) yet they'd love to have same-sex encounters with a MTF cross-dresser. Still they maintain that they are STRAIGHT!

So does the label STRAIGHT mean anything any more, especially when self identifying STRAIGHT men are having same-sex sexual encounters? I say YES. "STRAIGHT" as discussed here means, "I identify as a MALE who is sexually aroused by FEMININITY." Sure, it's not your TRADITIONAL STRAIGHT MALE but then again, these STRAIGHT guys never claimed to be TRADITIONAL...not that there is anything wrong with that.

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