As you may know, I do male-to-female makeovers on the weekends. The other day I was asked this very interesting question

ASHLEY: What was the hardest mtf makeover u have ever done

AMNESIA: Hmmm define "hardest"

ASHLEY: Most trouble to make the most passable

AMNESIA: I've had a couple of girls that were difficult but not because they didn't look' "passable" but because they didn't take direction well. Looking and feeling feminine for the most part, believe it or not, comes from within. You have to "FEEL LIKE A WOMAN" in order for it to translate on the outside. Of course then the question is, "what does it feel like to be a woman?" The girls who take direction well from me can tell you. They feel the magic inside, and thus it transforms them on the outside. It's quite an amazing thing to witness in person. The energy of the room changes, and just like magic they come out looking very feminine in their photos.

To see some of the sexy girls I've transformed click HERE

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